The Palmyra Thunder 1000 will see the debut of the ALL NEW “REAL STREET” Category at the first round of the 400 Thunder Championship Drag Racing Series this weekend at Palmyra Dragway.
REAL STREET was introduced by IHRA Australia in October 2020 and since the exciting announcement, the interest in the new category is growing by the day and a solid group of cars have entered for the Palmyra Thunder 1000 this weekend.
REAL STREET creates a major opportunity for NEW Drag Racers who own late model muscle cars from all over the world including the USA with Camaro, Mustang, Dodge Chargers etc, Europe with Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Renault, Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren etc, plus Asia with Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, Kia etc PLUS Electric and Hybrid vehicles and so on.
IHRA CEO Maurice Allen commented “This announcement heralds a new future for Drag Racing at the entry level and has just opened up the door for new and existing racers to participate in the exciting world of Drag Racing in their late model muscle cars no matter what manufacturers badge is on the car or what engine is installed from the factory.”
As part of this major announcement, REAL STREET competitors are able to run at all levels of events, from Off Street Events, State Championship rounds and the major 400 Thunder National Drag Racing Series and earning a 400 Thunder Gold Christmas Tree trophies and National Championship points.

The REAL STREET announcement sees the introduction of A/Real Street and B/Real Street categories representing a 9.00 second and a 9.50 second quickest elapsed time cut off respectively.

* A/RST 2013 and later (compliance) caters for street registered vehicles competing 9.00 sec to 12.99 sec elapsed time and up to 265 KMH (165 MPH).

* B/RST 2003 to 2012 (compliance) caters for street registered vehicles competing 9.50 sec to 12.99 sec elapsed times and up to 241 KMH (150 MPH) Accepted vehicles prior to 2003Include: Ford BA modelsHolden VX models Holden VY models Strictly DOT tyres-NOT FOR HIGHWAY USE forbidden, No Trans brakes, No Delay Boxes. Dial Your Own handicap system.  
400 Thunder General Manager Steve Bettes said “Real Street is an exciting new addition to the 400 Thunder Championship Drag Racing Series and with the category operating under the Dial Your Own Handicap System, this gives every single competitor, no matter what vehicle or power, an opportunity to WIN. DYO Racing allows all competitors to nominate the ET they expect their car to run, and then race against others with a handicapped starting system based on their nominated ET. Under the DYO system, if you have good reaction times off the startline, you can be a winner… how cool is that !!”

The safety and technology in late model sports cars and muscle cars coming into this country is beyond reproach, and after many conversations between track promotors, chassis builders and Engine tuners, this new class has now come to fruition.

These new and exciting class rules have been uploaded into the IHRA Australia Supplementary App, which is available to download on the Apple and Android platforms for FREE.

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