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400 Thunder Sportsman Championship Series Regulations for 2021/22

Competitors will be able to accumulate a maximum of 300 series points prior to the finals. The only exception to this will be competitors in the Performance Brackets, being Supercomp & Performance Bike, who will have the chance to earn qualifying points per event, including the finals, that will not be included as part of any points capping. These points are awarded as follows: No. 1 – 5 Points, No. 2 – 4 Points, No. 3 – 3 Points, No. 4 – 2 Points, No.5 – 1 Points.

Pro Radial & Extreme Bike competitors will compete under the ARF (All Run Format) for all events except the final event, which will be contested under the Elimination format.

To be eligible for the title of either Champion or Runner-up, a competitor must contest a minimum of three events, including the finals.

Points accrued at the final event will then be added to the competitors capped points total to determine the champions in each bracket. In the event of a tie, the championship will be awarded to the competitor who progressed through the most rounds of eliminations at the final event. In the event that this still leaves a tie, this would then settled by awarding to the competitor who performed better in relation to their class index or dial-in in their last round of racing.

The event at Palmyra Dragway will attract a 50% bonus to any points earned by competitors contesting this round.

With only one scheduled round available for Sydney Dragway for the 2021/22 season, instead of the normal two rounds from previous seasons, the event at Sydney Dragway will attract a 100% bonus to any points earned by competitors contesting this round.

In the event of a round being cancelled due to weather, points will be awarded up to the position where racing stops, with each racer attempting to qualify receiving 20 points if no eliminations have been run.

A minimum of six competitors must enter a bracket by close of entries, further to that a minimum of six competitors must attempt to qualify, and a minimum of three must contest first round, in order for the bracket to be contested as a championship event. Only 20 points will be awarded to each competitor, who attempted to qualify at a valid commenced event, on fields that don’t meet the required numbers.

Brackets must also be contested at a minimum of three events in order to be eligible for championship status.

Note – The below points allocation table is applicable only to sportsman championship brackets running the elimination format. Pro Radial & Extreme Bike competitors please refer to the All Run Format page for relevant points allocation method for the relevant ARF rounds.


Round 1 – Palmyra Dragway – 29th – 30th October 2021
Round 2 – Heathcote Raceway – 26th – 27th November 2021
Round 3 – Willowbank Raceway – 7th – 8th January 2022
Round 4 – Sydney Dragway – 4th – 5th February 2022
Round 5 – Heathcote Raceway – 4th – 5th March 2022
Round 6 – Willowbank Raceway – 8th – 9th April 2022
Finals – Willowbank Raceway – 9th – 12th June 2022


65 – 128 100

90 80 70 60 50 40 30
33 – 64 100

90 80 70 60 50 30
17 – 32 100

90 80 70 60 30
9 – 16 100

90 80 60 30
6 – 8 100 90 70 30