Following the recent announcement of Justin Walshe’s move from the worlds quickest Pro Alcohol Altered to Top Fuel Funny Car, a rendering of his new Dodge Charger Funny Car shows just how serious he is about being competitive in one of the 400 Thunder Aeroflow Drag Racing Series toughest arenas.

“The car is here and undergoing a few changes whilst being prepped for crew training, that we plan on starting in August”, Walshe said today. “Then the next step will be testing the car through September and October.”

He continued, “Our competition debut will be at Sydney Dragway in November for the round of the 400 Thunder Aeroflow Drag Racing Championships, where we hope to hit the ground running with times in the 4 second range at 300mph plus over the traditional quater mile.”

With a hefty artillery of spare parts plus a very talented eager crew, Walshe is a welcome addition to the growing Top Fuel Funny Car category as part of the 400 Thunder Aeroflow Drag Racing Series.