Due to the worsening Covid19 situation in Victoria, 400 Thunder Championship Drag Racing and Heathcote Park Raceway Management have agreed, that with only 8 weeks until the November 26/27 event, we cannot guarantee the event will be able to host 100% capacity crowds, and therefore the decision has been taken to postpone the event until a later date in 2022. Compounding the concern around the restrictions for crowd attendance, the Covid 19 restrictions have already caused considerable delays for the contractors to undertake the construction of the new safety barriers, sand trap, repairs to asphalt racing surface and installation of the safety nets, that were scheduled for completion in September, October and early November.

“We are extremely disappointed to have to make this decision, but we have no options at this stage. The 400 Thunder Championship events are very important to us, and we want to make sure that we have the ability to host a 100% Capacity crowd, as well as have all of the safety upgrades completed for the Top Level events at HPR. We are working every day on various elements of the facility and by the time 2022 arrives, we should be ready to take on all events as planned” commented Heathcote Park Raceway Owner, Lance Warren.

“With only 8 weeks to go until the November event, we think this is a wise decision for HPR and the 400 Thunder Series. We both want to showcase the 400 Thunder Championship Drag Racing Series in the best way possible, and while we feel very disappointed for the Victorian Racers and Race Fans, we have our next event at HPR scheduled for March 4/5 2022, and will be working with Lance and his team to see if we can find the right date for the postponed event in 2022. A further announcement will be made on this shortly” said 400 Thunder General Manager Steve Bettes.

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Steve Bettes
General Manager
400 Thunder Championship Drag Racing Series