For the Moresby family, Drag Racing isn’t just a hobby it’s a way of life. 400 Thunder Competition Champion Stuart Moresby explains that the family affair transcends two generations currently, and stretches across some of the scene’s heaviest-hitting categories.

“My son drives Junior Dragster and my brother drives Pro Slammer,” he explains of the lineage of racers in the family. Moresby himself started in Super Street in the early-2000s and after a few seasons honing his craft, took off up the chain to Super Sedan before he started driving supercharged cars in 2011.

The team’s 2016 journey started the previous season, when Stuart’s brother Ryan experienced a massive fire in their hometown of Perth – a stumbling block that saw Stuart’s Comp’ car the centre of attention while Ryan’s car was repaired, and Ryan healed from his injuries.

Part of Ryan’s hands-on approach saw the team taking tuning in-house – a bold move when toying around with tens of thousands of dollars of hardware. “Last season we destroyed ten engines with someone else tuning them, so we thought we’d have a go at tuning the engines ourselves instead. This whole season was just supposed to be getting used to setting the car up ourselves – the engine, the clutch, the suspension,” explains Stuart calmly. You could say they got a handle on things fairly quickly.

“Ryan was helping on my car more and more. We won the Westernationals which put us in good stead for the Championship so we passed the hat around for fuel money to make the trip to the Winternationals at Willowbank – our first time racing at a venue other than Perth’s MotorPlex,” explains Moresby.

“We really struggled at the Winters. We broke the diff’ housing twice but given that we’d come all that way we were going to have a crack!” laughs Moresby, recalling instances where his crew would drive from Willowbank to have their diff’ housing repaired over an hour away on the Gold Coast, before returning to the track to refit it to the car and fronting up for the next round.

Their Championship literally came down to the wire too, with the Finals race deciding Moresby’s fate even though he himself had been watching from the sidelines since the First Round of competition.

“It all went down to the final race, we were crossing every part of our bodies!” laughs Moresby. “We could very well have finished second, but winning was surreal! We went in to the season with no expectations, and the team can’t believe the victory – it’s great for morale especially after damaging Ryan’s car and fighting my car for the whole Winternationals event,” explains Moresby.

Moresby and the team have organised a new diff’ housing from the States to replace the one that plagued them with trouble this season. “We’ve given the whole car a freshen up and we really want that National Record, so we’ll be hunting for it next season,” he says in closing, with steely determination.