Californian Ashley Sanford has added the Santo’s Summer Thunder at Sydney Dragway on January 19 & 20 to her 2018 Oz campaign with Rapisarda Autosport International.

Sanford’s first appearance Down Under for 2018 will be at Willowbank Raceway, Queensland on January 6 for the New Years Thunder

“It’s a long way to travel to Australia to race only at Willowbank,” said Sanford. “So when Santo decided to run a third car in Sydney I jumped at the chance. I raced in Sydney at the ACDelco East Coast Thunder and had a great time.”

“In terms of competing in Top Fuel, I am still in the rookie stage of my career and the more laps I can get under my belt the better. Summer in Australia and driving a Top Fuel car – I’m living the dream. Life doesn’t get much better.”

Sanford Headshot 2017

“After the Willowbank meeting I’m going to the RAI workshop in Sydney and will be working with Santo Jnr. and Santino Rapisarda and the crew servicing and prepping the cars. I want to help out in any way I can and am not afraid to get my hands dirty. The more I learn about how a fuel car functions, hopefully, will translate into making me a better driver.”

“Sydney will be my fourth meeting with Rapisarda Autosport International. I really want to do well and repay the faith Santo and the family have shown in allowing me to drive for the team.”

“Sydney is Santo’s hometown and he sponsors the event as well. It’s important that all three Rapisarda Autosport International drivers – Damien Harris, Wayne Newby and myself – step up to the mark and put on a good show.”

“An all RAI final on the day would be a great outcome and to I would love to be the one to hand Santo the winners trophy,” said Sanford.

For more information on the Santo’s Summer Thunder, please visit the Sydney Dragway Website or visit the 400 Thunder Facebook Page