The Gulf Western Oil Nitro Thunder event will be celebrated through the lenses of some new fans this May, with Team Bray Racing and Rapisarda Autosport International set to host the Canon Collective on day two of the event.

The Canon Collective is a group of passionate photography ambassadors dedicated to helping other photographers through a range of activities, including workshops. Such is the success of the Canon’s social media community, it was recently for the second time nominated in the prestigious ‘The Webby Awards’ – the leading international award honouring excellence on the internet – alongside famous names such as Spotify, Oprah, Netflix, RuPaul, Shonda Rimes, Selena Gomez and more.

At the Sydney Dragway event on May 5, Canon Collective Ambassador Jenn Cooper will be assisted by TBR & RAI Public Relations and Media Manager’s Richard Smith and John Doig in leading a group of 12 expert photographers in capturing all of the emotion, action and excitement of drag racing. Each of the photographers will post photos after the event using the hashtags #400thunder, #gulfwesternoil and #canoncollective.

“The Canon Collective is always looking for ways to give our passionate community unique photographic experiences, and drag racing certainly fits that bill,” Cooper explained.

“It is a challenging sport to photograph, and I am looking forward to working with Richard & John to help our group rise to the challenge to create some beautiful images that really tell the story of this amazing sport and the people within it.”

The Canon Collective photographers will be hosted throughout the event by Team Bray Racing and Rapisarda Autosport International, as they were at the 2017 holding of the event.

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“We are very pleased to be able to once again host the Canon Collective in Sydney after having them along for the ride with us at last year’s event,” TBR’s Victor Bray, said.

“The contributions these photographers make to any event they photograph is really strong, their second-year nomination in The Webby Awards is a testament to that, and we are looking forward to working with a new crop of fans in May and showing them what our great sport is all about.”

As well as shooting in the pits and around the venue, three special sessions will be held across the event to allow each of the photographers the chance to experience exclusive trackside access when the infamous Top Fuel dragsters are on-track.

“Top Fuel drag racing is something else, and I can’t wait to see what these fantastic photographers are able to make of it all when we host them at the Gulf Western Oil Nitro Thunder event in May,” said Santo Rapisarda, team principal of lauded Top Fuel outfit, RAI.

“From on the track to around the venue and in the pits as the drivers and crew work on their machines, the Canon Collective members are going to have a wide array of opportunities to showcase our wonderful support to a whole new group of fans, and everyone at RAI is looking forward to playing a part in that.”

For more on the Canon Collective, please click here.

The Gulf Western Oil Nitro Thunder event will be held at Sydney Dragway across May 4 and 5, 2018. The event will host the penultimate round of the 400 Thunder Series Championship,  Alongside Top Fuel will be competitors in the Pro-Slammer, Pro-Alcohol, Top Bike, Pro Stock and Pro Bike categories as well as the 400 Thunder Sportsman Series. For event information, please visit