IHRA as a recognised leader in safety standards has been working to improve safety standards within Australia.

Working closely with the 400 Thunder Championship, as well as both Willowbank Raceway and Sydney Dragway, IHRA Australia is extremely keen to see safety standards for competitors improve.

For the remainder of the 2016/2017 Championship season all venues hosting 400 Thunder Championship rounds will have the Electrimotion Safety Shut Off system installed. This safety equipment is designed to automatically deploy a vehicles parachutes and shut down both the ignition and fuel systems in the event of a catastrophic failure. Improved driver safety is the haul mark of this technology.

The use of the device in competition will be optional for competitors for the remainder of this year but will be operational at remaining 400 Thunder Championship rounds.

However, commencing for 2017/2018 Championship season, IHRA Australia will mandate that the Electrimotion Safety Shut off will be compulsory in Top Fuel, Pro Alcohol and Pro Slammer vehicles. Additionally, all vehicles running quicker than 6.00 seconds will also be required to have the system fitted. This is common sense safety and implementation of technology already available to the Racing Industry and ensures that we consider safety to all our competitors as the speeds of vehicles start to push World record performances
that we are constantly seeing in the 400 Thunder Professional Drag Racing Series.
For all additional information please contact Maurice Allen at mallen@ihra.com.au.
Maurice Allen
Managing Director
IHRA Australia