2022 opens a new chapter for Fabietti Racing with the eagerly awaited Chevrolet Camaro bodied race car, that is expected to hit the track in the second half of the new year.

Along with the new body style, there is also another major change within the team. With Mark Hinchelwood stepping down as the primary driver, Sam Fenech is keen to continue his success after a winning performance in the ACDelco Monaro in the 2021 400 Thunder Championship Drag Racing Series. Fenech hit the ground running in the second car with successful wins and runner-up last season. Now, he has the opportunity to become more comfortable in the team, as he waits for the newer more advanced Camaro later in the year when the new car is due to debut.

For the time being “Old Betsy” as the old car has affectionately been named will remain Fenech’s main ride as he continues to prove the old girl still has what it takes to win Championship events.

51-year old director and owner of Westend Performance, a high performance machine and dyno facility in Sydney, Sam Fenech has been involved in drag racing since the late 80’s. He’s proved his form in Pro Slammer with multiple wins in supercharged, alcohol-burning sedans.

Team principle Maurice Fabietti commented, “Sam has fit in to the ACDelco Slammer team seamlessly. With fantastic results last season and with his background in engine building and his understanding of what it takes to have a successful team can only benefit us”

“It’s a great honour to be asked to be the primary driver of such a fantastic team and such a high profile sponsor in ACDelco and Chevrolet Performance,” said Fenech. “I’m really eager to get behind the wheel of the Chevy Camaro later in the year. This car is definitely going to turn heads. And win races”

Sam and the ACDelco Pro Slammer racing team will make their 2022 400 Thunder PRO Slammer Championship debut at the Gulf Western Oil New Years Thunder event at Willowbank Raceway on Jan 7/8.

For More event information and tickets please go to www.willowbankraceway.com.au