Emilio Spinozzi – Spinozzi Racing’s Speedmaster Camaro

After a stellar performance at the recent Santo’s Super 3 Extreme event, we caught up with Sydney-based Emilio Spinozzi about his racing history,  how he describes the Spinozzi pit’s atmosphere when the team race in Sydney, and his game plan for success at the upcoming Nitro Champs, May 7 & 8.


Emilio’s interest in racing was sparked in his teen years when he made an effort to always attend the “Triple Challenge” and “Off the Street” drags at Eastern Creek.  He says drag racing was easier to access than other Motorsports in those days.  Starting with an XY falcon, his best time was 11.0 @ 127mph.  “Our first full competition car came in 2001, in the form of a full chassis 1964 Mark 1 Cortina which we ran in super sedan to a best of 8.36.  After this, we ran a Pro Stock truck in B/Gas for a while and I think we may still hold the record there”.


Away from the track Emilio spends his time running the family’s civil contracting, excavation and haulage business across Sydney.  Family is also an extremely high priority with Saturdays being filled with soccer, swimming, karate, time at the park and running 10yo daughter Aleia’s JD Mowers junior dragster.  (We’re all now wondering how Emilio finds time to prep and race his own car!)  He also added in that he enjoys cruising old school muscle cars, so now we’re not sure if this guy even sleeps.

With family in mind, race day is very much a family-affair.  Emilio says the whole family cannot wait to get to the track.  And he shared with us that his wife Trish organises a lot in the lead up to each event.  Their children are aged 12, 9 and nearly 6. Friends are also heavily involved and he describes his pit as “chaos” when the team race at Sydney, but stresses that he would not have it any other way.


We asked Emilio “Why Pro Stock?”.  His response: “It would have to be the high RPM.  Pro Stock is a pure driver’s class.   As a driver it is the most challenging and ultra-competitive. You need to be on your game all the time as you won’t get a second chance.   Banging 5 gears in 4.5 seconds, and running out the back door at 11,000 RPM has probably got something to do with it as well.”

Emilio runs a 2013 Haas Camaro.  “We had it built and fitted around the Australian 400cube small block engine.  We run Mencer valved shocks all round, with a Leanders clutch and 5 speed liberty.”

“We have our own engine program. It’s run by RC Engines in Adelaide. We have been partnered up for 5 years now with some really good results.  Rino also designed and cast our own heads, especially for 400 cube Pro Stock.  Rino and Michael Marriott work closely together on the whole deal from front to back.  They start at the dyno and finish at the track with good results under their belt…….I prefer keeping everything in house as much as possible.” 12718325_1037887416287029_1448607714839367388_n

Emilio has run a PB of 6.922 @ 198.09mph.


“We want to try and stay consistent and concentrate on a win.  We’ve have had 2 runners up now and no win…. So a win would be nice!!”


“If we can stay in and around the top 3 and be consistent I’ll be happy with that.  The weather has not been great lately I don’t think anyone has run a 6 since the winters 2015, I’m not expecting great weather in Sydney, going off the latest weather trends, I hope I’m wrong!


“A  Pro Stock car can accelerate 0-100 in under 1sec and can 60ft as hard as a 4000hp Pro Slammer with only a ¼ of the power.”


“Not really I try and keep it simple and just have fun with it.  If there any nerves around they usually go on the hit of the starter button.  So if you hear the starter going flat out, I’m probably really nervous.”


We asked Emilio to share what’s usually on their race-day menu……

“Well ever since Marriott has come on board we need to make weight on the Pro Stock car, he won’t allow us to go a couple of pounds heavy……..so nothing too fancy!”


400 Thunder wish Emilio, Trish, their crew, marketing partners and family all the best at the 2016 Nitro Champs.

Connect with Emilio and Spinozzi Racing….

Website: http://www.spinozziracing.com.au/

Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/spinozziracing


2016 Nitro Champs

May 7 & 8, Sydney Raceway

Entries Close Friday April 22.

Visit Sydney Dragway’s website to find out more and to enter