FB_IMG_1462209644151Will the real Mark Mariani please stand up?

If you take a look at the photo to the right, which was part of a huge Newspaper release in Sydney on the weekend, you might have started to wonder “Who is the real Mark Mariani?”

Why? Well it appears that Mark has a body double!  The photo says  “Mark Mariani….”, however it appears his body (and car) double have stood in for him for the day.  We had to investigate further.

Mark Mariani, his family, including parents (and Team Owners) Mario and Pam, wife Natalie and daughter Ava, have been uber-busy around Australia over the past 8 weeks intensely promoting the pinnacle of drag racing, Top Fuel.  From a 5 day Rockstar Showcase at the 2016 Australian Formula One Grand Prix, to a stadium appearance at the NRL, the Mariani Motorsport Crew really have made promoting the sport heavily, a part of their team’s mission-statement.

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So on Saturday morning, April 30, you can imagine everyone’s surprise when they opened the newspaper to see Wayne Newby and his car in place of Mark Mariani and the Mariani Top Fuel dragster, which they had taken to a photo shoot at Sydney Dragway on a cool and foggy morning the week prior.

Jokes aside.  We all understand that mistakes do happen.  But this team have really stretched themselves beyond the requirements of the promotion of the sport, and have dug deep to pull together time and time again, to generously take this sport to a number of new audiences across the Country.  With this is mind, it would have been fantastic to see them showcased in that story on the weekend, alongside Newby and Rapisarda’s , and it was a shame that the paper messed up.  But their professional spirits emerged and even they could see the funny side of Wayne Newby and the Rapisarda car appearing in the paper as “Mark Mariani and his Top Fuel dragster”.  Given all that they have dedicated, it must have been an incredible disappointment to see the mix-up, however their focus was swiftly moved to this weekend’s Nitro Champs, and once again showcasing Top Fuel to Australia.

As they prepare for Saturday’s racing, we touched base with Mark around how he got started in drag racing.

Drag dacing was always going to be the winner in the tussle for which motorsport second generation racer Mark Mariani would end up in.
Despite his beginnings starting with a prosperous karting career, and transferring through to Speedway,  Mark says his heart was always in Drag Racing.  “I grew up watching my dad compete in Top Fuel in the good old Castlereagh days. Seeing him race against the now legends of our sport like Jim Read and Santo Rapisarda was something that has stuck with me ever since.”MMCloseup
“I went to the Ken Lowe Drag Racing school in Queensland and got the first part of my licencing done.  After that, I got the nod from Santo to start my Top Fuel Licencing in one of his cars, and have never looked back from there.”
To learn more about this progressive Top Fuel team jump on over to their website and connect with them via their social channels.  Their Team Sponsorship and Programme Manager Bruce Mott is available at any time to talk about the Mariani Motorsport’s vision and discuss partnerships and promotions.
We can’t wait to see Mark and his fantastic family and crew perform at their best this weekend at the Nitro Champs at Sydney Dragway.  Event details can be found here.