An IHRA licence let’s you compete at any IHRA sanctioned track within Australia, and internationally at IHRA sanctioned facilities.

Your point of contact for licence enquiries and processing is your local IHRA track.
Racers who do not have a current licence will need to pay for their IHRA licence as per the payments on the IHRA form.

Racers will be able to retain their existing Australian race number.
A medical certificate is required every two years.

Once you have completed the necessary paperwork with your local IHRA track, you’ll be given a copy of that paperwork as a interim proof of licence, with your permanent licence being sent to you direct from the IHRA.

Step-by-step IHRA Australia Licence application process:-

  • Print the 2017 IHRA Licence Application PDF form.
  • Complete both pages
  • Scan forms into your computer, or take a readable smartphone photo(s) of both pages (ensuring they are legible)
  • You also need to include a copy of your drivers licence
  • Then email your file of documents to your local IHRA track with the subject line “IHRA licence

Note – You must include a copy of your drivers licence and proof that you are currently licenced in the bracket you are applying for. If you are not licenced in a vehicle for that bracket, you will need to note this when applying for your licence, so we can make a note that you are required to do licence passes.



(Including IHRA License application, Medical Form, Log Book Application, CAD Form, License Declaration, Under 18 Indemnity form, Vehicle Log Book Declaration .)