Current points leader for the 2022/23 Pro Stock Championship, Tyronne Tremayne is currently being treated for a serious injury after falling on his shoulder while leaving work on Friday. The heavy fall left him needing immediate surgery and will require 6-8 weeks’ recovery time but could be up to a year for full use of his arm.

Tyrone won his maiden 400 Thunder Pro Stock Championship at last year’s Winternationals, beating both Jason Hedges and Wayne Daley. He is currently leading the point tally for the current Super Season and missing this year’s Winternationals will be a serious blow to his Championship chase.

“Tyronne is one of the best and most consistent Pro Stock Racers in Australia, and with last year’s championship under his belt, he was already showing great form in the 22/23 Championship Chase. It is such a shame for him, but the main focus of the family is to make sure he makes a great recovery,” said Kerry Tremayne, father to Tyronne.

“Tyronne workplace accident has caused him a very serious injury to his shoulder, which has always been a weak link in his body from a previous ski racing accident. However, he is a fighter and will get himself onto the recovery road and rehab as soon as he can. He will be back even stronger and we look forward to seeing him back in the car for November in Sydney”

400 thunder wishes Tyronne a very speedy recovery and we look forward to seeing him back on track as soon as possible. For updates about Tyronne follow 400 Thunder on Facebook.