Effective immediately, for all 400 Thunder Sportsman Championship racing, the following changes will take effect:

All Performance Brackets – Championship Qualifying Points

The following qualifying bonus points will be awarded for the top 5 qualifiers in any Performance bracket at any 400 Thunder championship event:

1st – 5 Points

2nd – 4 Points

3rd – 3 Points

4th – 2 Points

5th – 1 Point

These points will be added to the competitors total on top of any round win points achieved and will not be affected by any points capping.

All Performance Brackets – Class Swapping

Each driver is only permitted a maximum of one class swap per vehicle/bike per season. Further to this, a class swap can only be made after an engine combination change or transmission type change that would necessitate a class change.

Competition Bike – Name Change

The bracket known as Competition Bike will now be known as Performance Bike.

IHRA Australia will update these relevant rules accordingly.