Over recent weeks, the 400 Thunder Management Team have been working with the tracks and IHRA to resolve our plans for when racing can resume in the 400 Thunder Professional & Sportsman Drag Racing Series, taking into account the COVID-19 catastrophic effects on our lives and the economy.

Our plan was to have the complete 400 Thunder calendar finalised this week, but following further announcements from the government that they will not be able to confirm their COVID-19 exit strategy for approx. 4 weeks, it means that we have to delay our plans for approx. 6 weeks.

Our events this year have been seriously disrupted due to COVID -19, from social distancing regulations, to causing delays in the construction of new, and the upgrading of existing facilities, and this has created more issues with our plans. However, you can be assured that all of the construction work is an exciting development for our sport, and upon completion, will intensify the sports strength for the return of the 400 Thunder Professional & Sportsman Drag Racing Series.

Along with every other sporting code, there is concern on when we will be able to resume full spectator attended events, which is incredibly important to the financial side of any sport, from the extremely successful AFL Games to our Major Drag Racing events. So, until the COVID-19 exit strategy becomes clear from the government, it is difficult for us to confirm our complete plans for approximately 6 weeks.

However, taking all this into account, we still want to detail part of our tentative plans for the 400 Thunder Professional & Sportsman Drag Racing Series to give you something to at least start planning with your family and race teams.

It is proposed that ……

1. The Current 2019 / 2020 400 Thunder Professional & Sportsman Series will be extended into a “Super Season” that will culminate at the Gulf Western Winternationals at Willowbank Raceway in June 2021.

2. All of the current 2019 / 2020 Series points will be rolled over into the extended “Super Season” for 400 Thunder Professional & Sportsman Categories.

3. The 400 Thunder Sportsman Series Points Cap will be increased accordingly to cater for the additional events.

4. The extended “Super Season” is planned to resume at Springmount Raceway on August 21/22,2020 for the 400 Thunder Sportsman Series. All Competitors competing at this event will receive a 50 % points bonus.

5. The postponed 2020 Gulf Western Winternationals is planned for September 17-20, 2020 at Willowbank Raceway and will become a round of “Super Season” for all 400 Thunder Professional & Sportsman Categories, and will NOT be the final round of the 2019 / 2020 Series.

6. The 2020 Atlantic Oil East Coast Thunder event at Sydney Dragway on November 6/7 will follow on as the next round of the “Super Season” and it will be double points round for all 400 Thunder Professional & Sportsman Categories. To be eligible to win the 400 Thunder Professional or Sportsman Series in the “Super Season”, it will be compulsory that you attend this event.

7. The full details on the rest of the events for the 400 Thunder Professional & Sportsman Series “Super Season” will be announced in approx. 6 weeks, following the announcement of the governments COVID-19 exit strategy.

8. Please note that the above events are subject to confirmation, pending on the government relaxation of social distancing regulations at outdoor events.

We appreciate your patience with this matter and like all sporting codes, we can assure you that we are working hard on finalising the details for the resumption of the 400 Thunder Professional and Sportsman Drag Racing Series during this extraordinary time that the world is going through right now.

We hope that firstly, you and your families are all safe and well, and secondly that if you are in business, we hope your businesses are also OK.